Security experience


April 2018 to present

Govt level checking, monitoring and escorts of people and equipment pertaining to access to aircraft.
Have fulfilled this role in Johannesburg, Entebbe, Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar, Tbilisi and Beijing.

Feb 2013 to April 2018

Head of security for a large campus that contained 4 schools and a house of worship as well as another smaller campus with a school and house of worship.
• Managing the overall security solution for sites in my cluster .
• Managing general physical and technical security upgrades.
• Formulation and implementation of SOP’s ( Standard operating procedures)
• Managing of service providers, including guarding companies and physical and technical service companies.
• Security upgrades management
• Training of security guards
• Training of client staff on security procedures.
• Training of client staff on emergency evacuation and lockdown procedures.
• Incident management, investigation and reporting.
• Threat and risk analysis .
• Constant problem solving
• Interviewing, Vetting and accreditation of security guards
• Compilation and updating of facility files.
• Implementation of risk mitigation strategies.
• Testing and maintenance management of physical and technical security measures, including but not limited to Walls, Gates, CCTV, Electric fencing, Alarms, panic buttons, hand held radios.
• Managing of relationships with stakeholders.
• Logistical and other support of supplementary security teams on the ground.
• Armed response to high risk situations and suspicious activity
• Planning, organising, leading and controlling security for events.
• Checking and submitting invoices for guarding services, equipment purchases and repairs.
• Sitting on the Occupational Health and safety committee.
• Managing relationship with SAPS.
• Communication with traffic control service provider.

Experienced security manager
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