Risk assessments

Security risk assessments

Does your security solution serve a purpose or is it just window dressing. 

A solid risk assessment can prevent loss of life, loss of assets and business disruption. 

A security plan that is not based on a risk assessment can lead to failure.  This also means that additional security measures have to be implemented ad-hoc after the incident, which can dramatically increase costs and lead to business interruption.

Developing a security plan without a solid threat and risk assessment is like building a ship and sending it out to sea without first checking for holes in the hull. An independent security threat and risk assessment can lead to substantial savings on security upgrades by avoiding costly mistakes.

Most facilities are built with security as an after thought. When the go ahead is finally given for security to be put in place, it tends to be done by “checking boxes” instead of taking into account a proper threat and risk analysis by a an experienced and well trained security manager.

Even if a facility has been around for years, it is still of utmost importance to do a threat and risk analysis. It gives you a fresh set of experienced and qualified eyes to identify problem areas and recommend solutions. Many facilities operate with the same security measures for years without change and only decide to upgrade their security after a breach. It is far better to assess your security and improve it on a regular basis.   

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