Integrated Security Solutions Design

I design intelligent and integrated security solutions based on a detailed, matrix based risk analysis analysis. This gives you have a cohesive security plan before you start spending serious money. This saves time, money, aggravation and potentially your assets or even lives.

The iterative nature of any project means that there will always be lessons learned along the way but this should not stop you from starting out with a rock solid overview of your security solution. When it comes to security, ‘vague’ plans lead to problems. With me, you start with a clear vision in mind that is based on your specific threats and your budget.

Most “secure” sites rely on a haphazard approach based on individual opinions by various installers and guarding companies. This often leads to gaps in security and a disjointed security approach, leading to poor operational ability and ad-hoc upgrades that could have been avoided. This is a natural product of each service provider serving their own profit agenda with a lack of central oversight. 

I specialize in mitigating risk by designing effective solutions to security problems. I can save  you substantial Capital expenditure through extremely detailed planning that helps to avoid project risks. I can save you substantial operational expenditure in the long term, as my detailed SOPS and solutions maximise your resources through careful analysis.  Most security solutions are put together on the fly, which is not the ideal way to go. I look at your total situation and create a holistic security plan for your site that encompasses physical and technical security, personnel and procedures.  

If you don’t feel safe in your home or business, contact me now and I’ll work with you to put together a detailed plan of action to change the situation and put you in control of your security. I’ll guide you and take away the stress and aggravation. My years of experience and training, in addition to industry contacts and relationships means I can help you every step of the way to towards combating violent crime.