7 armed robberies at supermarkets in South Africa

This post is just to look at commonalities in modus operandi of Supermarket robberies in South Africa. My counting may be innacurate as sometimes it’s challenging to see exactly who’s who in the footage. It’s certainly valuable to watch as there are definite patterns of behaviour that are helpful when assessing threats.

11 Feb 2020- At least 4 males with 1 handgun and 3 rifles


28 August 2020- At least 6 males- At least 3 hand guns


6 April 2019- 3 males 2 handguns, 1 rifle


At least 6 males- At least 2 handguns


15 Armed men- Only one handgun seen


At least 2 men- At least one hand gun


22 April 2006- At least 2 men. At least one hand gun


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