Security manager | close protection officer

Hi. I’m Jonathan A. Welcome to my professional profile portal.

I am a security professional, specialising in:

  • Armed protection
  • Community security.
  • Private school security.
  • Aviation security.

I have extensive experience in risk mitigation project implementation, secure facilities operations management and armed protection.

Are you a close protection operations manager looking for a well trained protector to add to a close protection detail?

Let’s chat. I have the hard skills, the soft skills, diverse experience and a long list of certifications. I will represent your brand in a professional manner. Your clients will be safe, productive and happy.

Are you a security company looking for an experienced security manager to head up security at a facility?

Let’s chat. If you need someone who can plan meticulously, de-escalate heated situations and react with urgency in an appropriate manner when the situation requires it, get in touch.

Contact me now and let’s discuss your needs